Mindfulness for better creative thinking

Creativity is a human faculty required in every domain of life, but in our hectic modern lives there is constant pressure to deliver and so it can be difficult to be open to new ideas and the unexpected. This workshop looks at simple ways in which we might be able to aid creative thinking.

Creativity is a human faculty that’s needed in every domain of life as it births new solutions and elegant outcomes. Yet in our hectic modern lives with its constant pressures to deliver, finding the mental space and capacity to generate new ideas can be extremely challenging.

This workshop addresses this issue by looking at simple ways in which we might be able to aid creative thinking…

Something that creative processes have in common is the ‘flash of genius’ or that ‘moment of inspiration’. We might have been struggling with a problem or issue for some time when all of a sudden, and when we least expect it, an answer pops into our heads seemingly from nowhere. It is as if once we stop consciously thinking about the problem our subconscious mind has taken over and provided a response.

So what has this to do with Mindfulness, and how can Mindfulness aid creative thinking?

Mindfulness is the modern secular adaptation of ancient meditative techniques that involve returning to an awareness and appreciation of the present moment. This is often practiced through exercises such as becoming aware of one’s breathing or body sensations. The outcomes of practising Mindfulness are greater presence, relaxation, mental clarity and stability. Mindfulness practice is not only beneficial for one’s mental well-being but it can also positively impact our creative endeavours by establishing optimum mental conditions for our innate creative abilities to emerge.


This workshop is created with and delivered by Andy Paice. Andy is a London based Mindfulness trainer, Coach and Facilitator. He is an ex Buddhist Monastic having spent 9 years in a monastery in France where he accomplished a traditional 3 year meditation retreat. He now delivers secular Mindfulness courses and workshops to businesses and organisations in London. www.naturalinsightcoaching.com

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