Pop Reads Books

Officially licensed children's books based on hit songs

Pop Reads are bring officially licensed hit songs to the children's picture book market. Hard back, illustrated books and records from some of the most iconic music artists

Officially licensed hit songs turned into children's picture books

Through our years of working with world class music and entertainment brands we have created everything from branding new record labels, individual record covers (well, CDs…) and ranges of merchandise using licensed IP. After having a child we came up with the idea of children’s books based on hit songs, so we crated Pop reads. Pop Reads has partnered with Sony ATV, the world’s largest music publisher, to bring licensed songs from their catalogue of over 3.5million hits to the children’s book market.

We researched the children’s book market and saw there is a gap in the market to create beautifully illustrated children’s books based on hit songs we all know and love. Working hard with Sony/ATV we created a brand that was fun, energetic and exciting, with the aim of bringing a record collection to your Childs library.

A launch set of 6 books, featuring hit songs from Lou Reed, The Jackson Five, Cyndi Lauper, The Flaming Lips, Wizzard and Tribe called Quest have been created, covering classic songs, 80s hits, hip hop, rock and a seasonal monster hit. Each individually illustrated to create a bright and vibrant book for you to read with your child.

Having a love of music meant we also recorded our own versions of the music, reimagining the songs in a fun acoustic led style that reflects the style of the books. Pressed to 7inch vinyl a limited edition set of books with records is available to allow you to read along to the song playing. All the books are on Amazon for immediate delivery!

Check out our website for this fun adventure here www.popreadsbooks.com