Clarify is an online digital branding tool

Clarify is an online digital tool created with digital partners that offers knowledgable guidance and professional insight on approaching your business’ brand through a simple, step-by-step process.

Here to help you realise, develop and communicate your own business' brand using a simple, step-by-step process and expert advice.

The Tool
There are times when startups and small businesses don’t see the value in, or simply don’t have the budget for, hiring us as brand consultants to help them understand and develop their brand. We want to make brand consultancy more widely available, giving all startup and small business owners the knowledge and ability to begin to develop a simple business brand themselves – and so have created Clarify.

Clarify is a free online tool for startups and small businesses who want to begin to realise and clarify one of the most important things in business – communicating what you do, and the value of it to people. It has been designed as step-by-step DIY guide, with real-life examples and advice.

Clarify guides users through a series of questions regarding various aspects of their business, market and competition, encouraging the user to think about things like why the business exists, what does the business really offer, and how might people experience dealing with the business. The aim is to get users to really think about their business and brand, in order to develop a better understanding which will enable clearer communication of the value their business and brand can bring to customers and clients.

Users will gain
• A better understanding of their business
• A clarification of the brand and its value to people
• A clear definition from which to communicate to the audience
• A deeper appreciation of why your business exists
• An improved perspective on what brand is now

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"It really made me think about what I'm all about"

Matt Haley
Matt Haley Films

"All the information I usually keep in my head in an organised space and page - helping me with funding applications and suchlike."