Osbelk & Co brand

Osbelk & Co

Nov 2014

Working with a colourful fashion accessories brand for the professional business person looking to make an impression, to help them realise, clarify and communicate their brand.

Osbelk & Co is a fashion accessories brand aimed at the professional business person who is keen to make a colourful statement in their international corporate environment. We worked closely with Osbelk & Co to help them realise and clarify their brand; what made their offering special, the benefits of this to their customers and how this might sit within the current environment (of both customers and competitors).

The core products of Osbelk & Co make use of geometric patterns inspired by cultures from around the globe. Each culturally-specific range of patterns is selected for its boldness and spirit – a limited edition of patterns that will make a statement in a corporate environment. Although the patterns and cultural references vary for each range we worked with Osbelk & Co to define the set of values that underpin their approach to their business and life in general.

Once the brand was realised, clarified and developed we set about communicating this through design. The approach of Osbelk & Co is inspired by the spirit and ethos of Art Deco, and so our design approach took key visual themes of Art Deco but without harking back to a bygone era or appearing too ‘retro’.

The brand identity was designed using a modern typeface which is inspired by 1920s design, whilst being clean, geometric and simple in style. The lead graphic style is a range of abstract, dynamic patterns which although used irregularly are geometric and structurally solid, making reference to the thick outlines from Art Deco windows and patterns.

The visual brand identity needed to be visually striking but not overpower or clash with the culturally-specific patterns of the products, which will be changing each season. The identity created will give Osbelk & Co a strong. stylish presence in their market, whilst giving enough flexibility to work with the range of global patterns they will be using in the future.

I worked with Paul at 1977 Design to define the identity of an accessories brand.

His strengths are a great ability to listen and to guide you through your own thoughts. During three workshops he extracted the basic ideas out of my head, we put them on paper and gradually we made the key messages real and visible. It’s great to meet your own brand in the end, through a mission, vision, uniqueness statement, the values and the visual identity.

Paul is very knowledgeable and is happy to share his experience. I learnt something new from the very first introduction meeting and have really appreciated the exchange of ideas. Highly recommended!

Hilde Pollet
Osbelk & Co