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Jelly Products

Jan 2012

Product designers whose approach to engineering is to take nothing as set-in-stone, to create whole new forms of any shape and size, just like Jelly.

Following on from discussions it was clear the business needed a new name. A naming exercise was completed with the name ‘Jelly’ chosen as it picked up on the malleable qualities of product design, whilst hinting towards the playful attitude of the agency.

The visual identity created reflected these qualities as well as giving a solid ‘stamp’ mark that can be expanded upon. A vibrant colour palette and light-hearted tone-of-voice reflects the agency’s approach to work.

Jelly gained a unique visual identity that creates an identifiable position for them in the product design market. The employment of this new visual environment has helped raise the company’s profile during a particularly successful period.

The website design was required to sit inline with their brand. The vibrant colour palette and tone-of-voice continues throughout the site, creating a personality which reflects the company approach.

The success of the website has been in the reflection of the Jelly tone-of-voice both aesthetically and in the copy. The site has received great feedback in how users better understand how and why Jelly design their products.

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The branding work has given all my communications a clarity of message and a playfulness that reflects our offer.

Sam Pearce
Jelly Products