Eyestorm website


Oct 2012

A new approach to both the design and functionality of Eyestorm, a website for online contemporary art you can buy, a space to discover what’s happening in the art scene.

Eyestorm worked closely with us to design a new approach to their online art website. The aim was to create a website which used Eyestorm’s vast knowledge in the art world to inform users about the latest trends and news in the art world. Eyestorm wanted to be more than simply an online shop, it wanted to be a space where people could discover interesting articles on the art scene.

The new website is designed to lead on magazine articles which feature events and news in the art world. These articles will also be where the rest of the Eyestorm digital presence, such as emails and social media, will direct users to. Every article will link to other relevant articles as well as linking to related works of art which are available to purchase on the Eyestorm website.

The Eyestorm website will also act as a place where users can also easily search for contemporary art they can buy. The browse and artists sections feature secondary navigation with which users can filter the art in a variety of ways, helping them find the art they want.

The design of the site both reflects the high-end position of the artwork available and aims to keep the process of finding a work of art as simple as possible. The website design was supported by a refining of the brand identity, utilising a clean and modern typeface. A selection of printed collateral using high-end print techniques and paper stocks continues the brand feel in to the delivered experience.

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