Chocart brand


Apr 2015

Too often compared to promotional chocolate companies, Chocart were struggling to explain the value of their offering to clients. With luxury brand clients, a high-quality product, and in-depth knowledge of marketing and chocolate, their brand just wasn’t reflecting the calibre of their proposition or product.

We approached this issue by firstly getting an in-depth understanding of where the Chocart brand was, what their market looked like, and where they felt they should be in relation to their competition. Once we had the research complete we then had the information with which to really consider the issue at hand, and how the brand could be developed to better fit the business.

We sat down with the key stakeholders and, over a number of brand workshops, helped Chocart get a better understanding and appreciation of their brand. Through the workshops it became clear that their offering wasn’t a unique, luxury dark chocolate product nor was it their bespoke, expert advice on making the most of chocolate as a communication vehicle – it was both of these. Chocart are the experts in Creative Chocolate Communication, and now everyone else can know this too.

This was at the core of Chocart’s proposition. In fact, it always had been but it just hadn’t been realised or communicated. Chocart help their clients make the most of the multi-sensory quality of chocolate. A unique way to communicate a client’s brand that appeals to all five of the senses of the receiver.

Following the brand development it was felt that their website just didn’t reflect the quality or content of their brand and offering. Working with web developer FourStacks we designed and built a responsive site that reflected the high-quality nature of their brand, product and client base. Moving away from being too product-focused the website focuses on the impact and environment in which their chocolate communication has been used, from luxury fashion launches to star-studded parties.

Take a look at the website here.

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Sima Elli
Managing Partner