Castle Pubs brand identities

Castle Pubs (Mitchells & Butlers)

Feb 2012

All pubs are the same aren’t they? Of course not. Every pub has unique features, situation, clientele and history, which can all be reflected in their visual brand identities.


The Eagle

In an area awash with new pubs and bars the history of The Eagle makes it stand out. What other venues are mentioned in a centuries-old nursery rhyme? ‘Up and down the City Road, in and out the Eagle, that’s the way your money goes, pop goes the weasel.’

The brand environment made use of this famous and historic rhyme, creating a typographic illustration which is used across the various collateral. The typographic styling is reminiscent of Victorian music hall posters as the venue was a Victorian music hall in a previous life.

The typographic approach allowed a flexibility to create messages within the brand environment, beyond the key illustration of the rhyme.

The Flyer

If a pub is known by locals for its beautiful old, tiled floor then why not create a brand identity which expands upon this recognisable feature.

The Flyer pub has a very identifiable flooring which is a geometric, tiled pattern. This theme is expanded upon in the brand environment with a range of patterns created by tiling graphic illustrations of elements related to the pub. The colours used are muted and earthy, reflecting the nature of the homely pub.

The White Hart

Established in 1905 the brand identity reflects the heritage of a century-old pub in an area of Central London which is busy with tourists.

A brand identity and environment is designed to show the history of this pub using a simple typographic style and a victorian illustration style. The illustrations’ style depict a specific era whilst their content reflect certain times in the pubs past, for example it once was a boxing venue.

The Crown & Two Chairmen

A pub in the heart of Soho with a rich history which needed to be reflected in the brand environment.

A brand identity and environment was created to highlight the heritage of this pub which is the heart of Soho. The typographic and imagery style were based on woodcut and letterpress, harking back to a previous time in the pub’s history. The typographic style was then used in a variety of ways to help deliver key messages.

Some great quality designs for us and have always been professional and approachable, I would definitely recommend them.

Brand manager
Castle Pubs (Mitchells & Butlers)