• Helping you better understand your brand and explain its value to people

  • A brand never stays still. We help you ensure it grows, evolves and flourishs

  • Develop stronger relationships with people through an open approach with your brand


A process to work together on your brand

  • Testimonials

    During three workshops 1977 extracted the basic ideas out of my head, we put them on paper and gradually we made the key messages real and visible. It’s great to meet your own brand in the end, through a mission, vision, uniqueness statement, the values and the visual identity. Highly recommended!

    Hilde Pollet
    Owner, Osbelk & Co
  • Testimonials

    1977 helped us to understand that a brand strategy is more than just a logo! With 1977's advice our brand is an ongoing conversation that informs our products and services and helps us to communicate our value as a company and as a community. 1977’s advice is fused with academic research that is tried and tested – and recommended!

    San Sharma
    Consultant, Enterprise Nation

  • Testimonials

    As a young agency, we needed more than a stopgap visual identity, we needed to create a brand that was believable and exciting yet which told our authentic story and offered longevity as we grew.
    Through a series of strategy sessions with Paul we were able to explore our competitive advantages and develop these insights into a brand that we are very proud of.

    Jonathan Smith
    Managing Director, Hot Pot Digital
  • Testimonials

    Working with Paul has been excellent, he has brought clarity and process to our brand communications, enabling us to unravel years of confusion between what we have done, how we do it and where our value lies, focusing us on what is important and helping us to reach a shared understand we can all work within, I would unreservedly recommend 1977 Design. This was some of the best money we have ever invested.

    Miles Corbett
    Director, Transition
  • Testimonials

    1977 instantly pick up on the vastly elemental aspects of your business and help you to identify and work towards instrumentally important outcomes. They take you through first principles to effectively guide you towards an understanding of what constitutes your brand and helps put it into perspective; providing clarity about what your brand stands for and gravitating towards a clear picture of how to present and communicate your values and offerings.

    Sima Elli
    Managing Partner, Chocart