Creative Morning with Paul Ormerod

25th February 2013
Paul Bailey

How networks change the world.

If you’re not aware of Creative Mornings then we would recommend making yourself aware of them. Creative Mornings is a series of talks held once a month in locations across the globe. The talks are free and are designed for people working in all types of creative roles and industries to meet and hear interesting speakers.

We attended their most recent talk which was by Paul Ormerod, an economist, author and entrepreneur. His talk was a fascinating overview of something which we already find particularly interesting, the influence of networks. Although the nature and length of the talk didn’t allow for great detail Paul questioned common assumptions about how and why people make the choices they do. He primarily questioned the assumption of the role incentives has to play in people’s decision making, and introduced the importance of narratives and networks.

How do people make decisions? Are they always rational? Do people’s networks affect their decisions?

What we took away from the talk was the importance, increasingly so, of people’s networks. Their connections, influences and motivations. The notion of an individual message from company to consumer incentivising a purchase needs to be reconsidered. It’s certainly not that simplistic now and it probably never was.

Being involved in, or being able to create, an network of involved people – a community with a shared purpose – is something brands really need to be paying attention to.

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