• Sharing our approach and opinions on brand and design – from clients around a meeting table to the global media

About Us

We are passionate about brand as a means to realise the social, cultural and economic value in a business, and evangelical about design as a way to engage, encourage and embolden, inform, inspire and identify.

What we bring to your business is the ability to help you better understand your brand and then better communicate it, through strategy and design. We are an agile, independent studio, which means we can be the perfect fit for a project whatever its size or type. Our core team consists of brand consultants and designers, who are supported as and when required by partners who are experts in their field. We work from a variety of locations, firstly across London and then across the globe – ensuring we work closely with our clients and from inspirational environments.

With decades of professional experience and academic knowledge in brand development and strategy, we help you shape your brand and then get your desired messages across. What does your business do? Why do you do it? And what will peoples experience of your product or service be? It’s as simple as that. Being clear on your brand and key messages can have a huge impact on your business and your clients and customers. Get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you.


Large or small, established or startup


Voicing an opinion on brand and design